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Transconductance is a property similar to both gain and conductance. When conductance is the will to generate an current for an apply voltage at to connecting points is the transconductance the will to generate an output current at the output connecting points for and applied input voltage at the input connecting points.

Transconductance Amplifier
An amplifier which has an transconductance instead of ordinary voltage gain. Transconductance amplifiers can be of great use in some cursuits and is are better suited to drive certain loads (consider an speaker and the speaker cable). There exists transconductance amplifiers similar to operational amplifiers usually refered to as OTAs.

Short for Triangle Waveform.

See Triangle Waveform.

Triangle Waveform
Triangle waveform is an waveform which has two linear slopes, one up and one down. These slopes will take equalent time and is repeated after each other. The triangle waveform is very common and also very simple to accomplish.

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