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The upper case G when used as a prefix will be the short form of giga.

Gain is the characteristics of a device which represent the amplification of a signal as it passes thougth the device. Gain is an characteristics which have no unit, but gives a relation between two numbers of the same unit, for instance input and output voltage. A gain of 10 will then make an input of 1 V to result with 10 V at the output (assuming that the amplifier does not saturate or clip).

A diffrent name for an amplifier.

in analogue synthesizers, a control signal normally being sent to the envelope generator input. The activation of the gate signal will occur when a key is held down and the gate signal becomes inactive when the key is released.

An prefix representing the ninth power of 10 (1000000000) of a unit. The prefix is being written as a upper case G in most shorter notations. It is part of the SIS standard.

Gillbert Cell
An Gillbert cell is refering to a certain transistor based construction solution to achieve a 4-quadrant multiplication. There is several commercial versions available with and without the arctanh compensation needed for large scale signals.

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