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Short for Attack and Release. AR is a form of envelope.

Short for Attack, Sustain and Release. ASR is a form of envelope.

Short for Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release. ADSR is a common form of envelope.

Nickname for an amplifier.

An amplifier is an linear device which increases the strength of a signal. An amplifier can increase the voltage swing of a signal, it is then said to have a voltage gain. An amplifier can also increase the current strength of a signal. If an amplifier has no voltage gain it is said to be unity gain and is usually called buffer. There exists amplifiers which gain can be changed by an applied signal these are called VCAs.

Attack is a term used for envelopes. It is the period when the envelope rises from its initial dead level up to the peak level. The attack period is started when the trigger gets active.

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