Last modified: Sat Jan 9, 1999

Synth related friends


Here are some people that play sylth or build sylths that I know more or less well.

J÷rgen Bergfors
J÷rgen has rolled his own modular, the Bergfotron. Go and visit him.

Sean Costello
Has a few classic schematics online.

Martin Czech
Has plenty of stuff, including Synth-DIY archive, go there!

Bengt Falke
A friendly central figure of the Stockholm part of SAS while living in Hultsfred.

Ian Fritz
Analog physical modeling of wind instruments among other things. I get inspired by this stuff.

Mike Gingell
For the SSB/Frequencing-shifting part of the population you want to read this guys PhD thesis. For mear mortals it can be a nice little brain-confusor, but it is actually quite simple and neat.

Batz "Icebox" Goodfortune
Be totally Icebox!

Scott Gravenhorst
FatMan Site

Peter Grenader
Buchla-freak, DIYer and a good chap!

Erik G
Swedish DIYer, founder of AHs Swedish sister SAS

Juergen Haible
Juergen is a very nice guy that certainly knows what he is doing. He builds some of the larger homebrew stuff that I have seen. He is also a good contributer to the Synth-DIY list.

Mikael Hansson - BMH Audio & Elektronik
A good friend of mine. Not much there yeat.

Bj÷rn Julin
BJ is a nice fellow. Be sure to visit his place.

Bill Layer
Bill is a tube-head with a weakness for transformerless tube amplifiers.

Christopher List
Another DIYer. Made the first faceplate for the ASM-1 (and I've got one ;) but he also has a CV quantizer thing worth looking at.

SAS - Svenska Analogsynt Sympatis÷rer
This is a collection of friends, both on the net and in real life. They form the pretty Swedish sister of Analogue Heaven and they are up to more than just talk, as of SAS#5 they compiled 8 CDs of music and more is to come I hope.

RenÚ Schmitz
RenÚ has a number of good curcuits.

Troy Sheets
One of those ASM-1 freaks.

Anders Spontˇn
Anders has a tendency to collect a lot of schematics, forcing/helping the kids at the school (where he is a teacher) to build according or along the lines of them. Anders lives a durable busride away from me.

Ken Stone
Into tube synths, but also caring for small horses.

Gene Stopp
This is the homepage of the ASM-1 synth.

Don Tillman
Don has a bunch of interesting links and is in general a good guy.

Richard "Vargen" Wolf
Vargen is a little strange, check him out.

Hans ┼kerman
He has a dark side ;^)

Magnus Danielson <cfmd at bredband dot net>