Last modified: Sun Jan 10, 1999

Synth Sites


An site which migth become interesing given some time.

Anders Sponton's
Anders have put together a nice collection of synth schematics, keep them comming Anders!

The Analogue Heaven
Homepage of the Analogue Heaven mailing list

The Analogue Synth FAQ
Homepage of the Analogue Heaven mailing list

Audio / Acoustical / DSP / Music Synthesis / Bands Links

Audio Playground
A synthesizer museum

Analogue Synthesizer Myths
Tells some truths on old myths

Cassiel / Gearhead
Pictures and discussions on his equipment.

Sean Costello
Various schematics

Cow Synth
This is what happends when the mad cow disseas hits analog synths with a DIY twist and goes web. Enjoy.

Digital Music Zone
Great little site with lot's of schematics

E-Music DIY Archive
Full of DIY schematics.

Moog schematics and manuals

Chad Gould's Midi and Synthesizer Links page

Harmony Central
Contains various things, here's a fast index:

Computer Music Resources
Effects Database
Keyboards and Synths
MIDI Tools And Resources

Rick Jansen's Electronic Music Projects
Some nice schematics is online here, among those an Moog Transistor ladder VCF and some Temperature stabilized VCOs.

JHS - Jemtska HAMMOND sällskapet
From the free republic of Jemtland comes JHS, the major Hammond organ owner society in the large, great and lovely country. However, I suspect there is a Farfisa tucked away in each of their homes (said for the balance I might add).

Ben Ward's Korg site - go there!

Leper's Effects Schematics

Mikko Helin
Various schematics

Modulus DIY
A series of DIY project described, among those modified a ASM-1 VCO.

Moog archives
If you are interested in Moog gear, go there!

Music Machnies
Great site with info on many synths

Mark Pulver's Midiwall is a place to visit.

Troy Sheets

Synth Editors
Collection of synth editors.

Synth Site
Reviews on quite a few synths.

The homepage of the Synth DIY list kept by Rick Jansen.

The Synth-DIY Grey Pages
The collected archives of the Synth-DIY list.

The Synthesizer and Midi Links Page
Many links

Synthesizer Network
Keeps some info on Doepher (which they sell in Sweden) among other things.

Lovely place. Be sure to visit it. Remember, don't offence the clown by clicking his nose!

The Music Server

VEMIA - Vintage Electric Musical Instrument Auctions
They action gear on the web.

World Musical Instruments
Bunch of links.

Magnus Danielson <cfmd at bredband dot net>