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FYE - For Your Enjoyment


Within the RFCs is there several very amusing RFCs of more or less serious nature. Here is a small index that I hope will bring a smile to your face and possibly understand some more bizzare elements of the network peoples odd nature. This compiled list of such RFCs is called FYE - For Your Enjoyment by myself and there is no "official" name for it to my knowledge.

RFC 527
RFC 968
Twas the night before start-up
RFC 1097
Telnet subliminal-message option
RFC 1121
Act one - the poems
RFC 1149
A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers
(Updated by RFC 2549)
RFC 1217
Memo from the Consortium for Slow Commotion Research (CSCR)
RFC 1300
Remembrances of Things Past
RFC 1313
Today's Programming for KRFC AM 1313 Internet Talk Radio
RFC 1437
The Extension of MIME Content-Types to a New Medium
RFC 1438
Internet Engineering Task Force Statements Of Boredom (SOBs)
RFC 1605
SONET to Sonnet Translation
RFC 1606
A Historical Perspective On The Usage Of IP Version 9
RFC 1607
RFC 1776
The Address is the Message
RFC 1882
The 12-Days of Technology Before Christmas
RFC 1924
A Compact Representation of IPv6 Addresses
RFC 1925
The Twelve Networking Truths
RFC 1926
An Experimental Encapsulation of IP Datagrams on Top of ATM
RFC 1927
Suggested Additional MIME Types for Associating Documents
RFC 2100
The Naming of Hosts
RFC 2310
The Safe Response Header Field
RFC 2321
RITA -- The Reliable Internetwork Troubleshooting Agent
RFC 2322
Management of IP numbers by peg-dhcp
RFC 2323
IETF Identification and Security Guidelines
RFC 2324
Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP/1.0)
RFC 2325
Definitions of Managed Objects for Drip-Type Heated Beverage Hardware Devices using SMIv2
RFC 2549
IP over Avian Carriers with Quality of Service
(Updates RFC 1149)
RFC 2550
Y10K and Beyond
RFC 2551
The Roman Standards Process -- Revision III
RFC 2795
The Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite (IMPS)
RFC 3091
Pi Digit Generation Protocol
RFC 3092
Etymology of "Foo"
RFC 3093
Firewall Enhancement Protocol (FEP)
RFC 3251
Electricity over IP
RFC 3252
Binary Lexical Octet Ad-hoc Transport

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