Hyperfine splitting page

This page is an attempt to collect information and links pertaining especially to hyperfine splitting in the microwave frequency range.

Some atoms have multiple entries when multiple transitions may be of use for timing purposes. So far only microwave and not optical frequencies have been considered.

1H12S1/2(F=1, m=0) -> (F=0, m=0)1.420405751768(2) GHzH-1 1970
1H12S1/2(F=1, m=0) -> (F=0, m=0)1.4204057517662(30) GHzH-1 1973
2H1S1/2(F=1, m=0) -> (F=0, m=0)327.3843525222(17) MHzH-2 1972
3H12S1/2(F=1, m=0) -> (F=0, m=0)1.5167014708087(71) GHzH-3 1967
3He12S1/28.665649867(10) GHz
6Li1S1/2228.2052590(30) MHz
7Li32S1/2803.5040866(10) MHz
9Be+32S1/21.250017678096(8) GHz
21Na32S1/2(F=2, m=0) -> (F=1, m=0)1.906471880(200) GHzNa-21 1997, Na-21 1998
23Na32S1/2(F=2, m=0) -> (F=1, m=0)1.7716261288(10) GHzNa-23 2003
24Mg0S03P0,mj=0 -> 3P1,mj=0601.2771583(2) GHz
24Mg0S03P1,mj=0 -> 3P2,mj=01.22057 THz
25Mg+52S1/21.788763128(162) GHz
39K32S1/2461.7197202(14) MHz
40K4S1/21.286 GHzK-40 2005
41K32S1/2254.0138720(20) MHz
40Ca0S03P0,mj=0 -> 3P1,mj=01.5636 THz
40Ca0S03P1,mj=0 -> 3P2,mj=03.1742 THz
63Cu32S1/211.73583(1) GHz
65Cu32S1/212.56881(1) GHz
85Rb52S1/23.035732440(3) GHzRb-85 1976
87Rb32S1/2(F=2, m=0) -> (F=1, m=0)6.834682610904324(4)(7) GHzRb-87 2003
107Ag12S1/21.712512111(18) GHz
109Ag12S1/21.976932075(7) GHz
111Cd+12S1/214.57 (20) GHz
113Cd+12S1/215.24 (20) GHz
133Cs72S1/2(F=4, m=0) -> (F=3, m=0)9.192631770 GHz
133Ba+12S1/29.92545355459(10) GHz
135Ba+32S1/2(F=2, m=0) -> (F=1, m=0)7.18334023490(0.57) GHzBa-135+ 1983
137Ba+32S1/28.03774166769(36) GHz
171Yb+12S1/212.642812118466(2) GHz
173Tb+52S1/210.49172023955(9) GHz
197Au32S1/26.099321840(130) GHz
199Hg+12S1/240.5073479968416(4) GHz
199Hg+12S1/240.50734799684159(14)(41) GHzHg-199+ 1998
201Hg+32S1/229.94(15) GHz
203Tl12P1/221.106 GHz
205Tl12P1/221.3108339461(5) GHz
210Fr64.0451(11) GHzFr-210 2003


Ground state notation

For a groundstate notation of nsLj

Principal quantum number, integer number 1, 2, 3 ...
Orbital letter, indicating oribtal number being an integer of 0, 1, 2, ... as given by 0ln-1
Total angular momentum. j=l+-s


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