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A flanger is a device which takes an input signal and split it into two portions, each will delayed by some controlable amount of time and are then summed together again. In this process will several cancelations of diffrent frequencies occur. When the relative delay is changed will these cancelations move in the frequency range. Normally is the flanger controlled by an LFO but external signals may sometime be applied.

Fourier, Jean Baptiste Joseph
A french matematician that lived between 1768 and 1830. His work has a great influence on everyday engineering. When he proposed his thoughts on expressing any stationary waveform as a weigth sum of a number of sinewaves in the French academy he was basically laugth out of there. Time has proven him right. Today his theories is the basis for as many products that no one would even care to remember.

Fourier Theorem

Fourier Transform
The Fourier transform will transform an stationary signal h(t) into a complex responce H(jw). It can be viewed as a transformation from the time domain into the frequency domain. The Fourier transform is limited to waveforms that is repeating at some frequency from before creation of the maker into beyond eternety. The waveform may also be contained, since it can be viewed as the wrapped case of the infinite waveform.

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