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Magnus Digital Pages



Comprehensive site, go there.

Someone had a little project to bring the old Spacewar program into a Java framework. Sources


The PDP-6 Home Page
Has scanned material, go there.


Doug Jones's DEC PDP-8 index
Bunch of stuff, go there.
A LINC, PDP-5, PDP-8 and PDP-12 resource page, go there.

Highgate's PDP-8 Page
Bunch of stuff, go there.

Jones PDP8 simulations + SW
This simulator has an X window display of the PDP-8 maintainance panel

Update's PDP-8 FTP arcive
Johnny Billquist's PDP-8 archive at Update (a Uppsala computer club)

PDP-8 Family
Not very much except for some photos.


DEC 36-bit computers
Some manuals and prints, go there.

PDP-10 Software Archive
A lot of software, go there.

PDP-10 Machine Language
Go here if you want to learn the assembler of the beast.

Joe Smith's PDP-10 page
Bunches of links

e10 PDP-10 emulator
The project page for an PDP-10 emulator

Claudia Crowley's Home Page
Claudia has some commented pictures from her days with the PDP-10

KI-10 Central Processor
A few photos and some text


The PDP-11 FAQ
Source of many bits and pieces.

PDP-11 Freeware Archives
Bunch of stuff, be sure to go there.

Update's PDP-11 FTP arcive
Johnny Billquist's PDP-11 archive at Update (a Uppsala computer club)

YAPP - Yet another PDP-11 Page
Some usefull material, go there.

Rich's PDP-11 Documents Pages
Contains manuals among other things.

Field Guide to Qbus and Unibus Modules
This is a good resource when trying to figure out what that board in your hand is supposed to be doing.

Production PDP11 Processors
Summary of the PDP-11 processors and their various features.

Will's PDP-11/23 Information Page
Contains some docs and a TU-58 program for DOS

A collection of PDP-11s

Supnik's PDP-11 emulator
Actually it emulates several other PDPs. Also has some binaries along side it.

Ersatz-11 PDP-11 Emulation System
A commercial PDP-11 emulation software for PCs.

Mentec's PDP-11 homepage
Mentec bougth the rights for the PDP-11 from Digital and now makes hardware and software.

All Sorts of Useful Bits of Information
Contains some related things that migth be enjoyed by some.

Contains photos and other material.

Update's PDP-11 systems
Update have and operates a number of PDP-11s, pictures among other things
Contain links.
Contain links among other things.


The PDP-12 machine is an enhanced version of the PDP-8.

PDP-12 User Handbook
Lots of usefull material
A LINC, PDP-5, PDP-8 and PDP-12 resource page, go there.

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