Magnus homepage

Various pictures/Blandade bilder (Norberg)
What can I say, it is better to openly admitt that I tend to be interested in these things.
EDA - Electronics Design Automation
I have collected a number of links relating to EDA.
My collection of electronic related info
My own little encyclopeadia to gather stuff which is best presented this way.
I tend to collect some links on network stuff
My old KTH/IT archive of RFCs with ordered index has now moved to these pages. This is the third move over its lifespan. Originally dates back to the spring of 1994.
Hyperfine splitting list
My collection of hyperfine splitting frequencies.
Svenska AnalogSympatisörer
When I do try to have a hobby, this is one of them...
They are cooking up a SAS-modular. Beware, you got to hand it to those (other) crazy Swedes, they not only make music, they craft their instruments aswell! ;)
I like to collect info and pieces of synths

Magnus Danielson <cfmd at bredband dot net>